Maximum sign up bonus

The maximum sign up bonus with 5Dimes is $520. In order to receive the full $520, you would need to make a first deposit of $2,000.

Rewards Programs at 5Dimes

The Reduced Juice Rewards: With this rewards systems, players don’t have to risk so much to get the kind of payout they’re looking for. Where, typically, a player would need to risk $110 to make $100, the Reduced Juice Rewards programs means players would risk $105 for the same payout. This minimizes risk and optimizes the win.

New Player Rewards: Like any good bookmaker, 5Dimes offers new user registration rewards. In keeping with the wide variety that 5Dimes likes to provide its members, there are even a lot of ways for new members to cash in on the bonuses. The sportsbook comes complete with a 50% free bet match for new members, up to a whopping $520 in free bet reimbursement. The lucky 7 Lottery Promotion is there for the lotto aficionados. It offers 77 individual one dollar chances to play the world’s largest Pick 3 and Pick 4 payouts.

Reload Rewards

Sportsbook Free Play Rewards: Sportsbosok fans are flush with options. The reload reward can earn players up to $500, dependent upon the amount you add to your account when it comes time to replenish.

Casino Match Play Rewards: The Casino Match Play Rewards program is pretty cut and dry. When players choose this feature, they automatically earn a free 33% match to use in the special match play casino.

Cash Back Rewards

The 20% cash back reward: This reward system gives players a chance to recoup losses, with up to 20% of overall losses matched from the sportsbook, racebook, casinos, or Lotto900.

The 10% cash back reward: This is the reward system for members who want to get the most bang for their buck. When you make a deposit with this reward system, you’ll receive an automatic 10% free match.

30% Super Saver Reward: With the super saver reward system, those who like to wager on parlays are in luck. This program offers an instant 30% pricing discount, along with expanded parlay discounts at -107 style pricing.

Point Mover Special Reward Pogram: This program lets players move the lines closer to their favor without spending big bucks. For example, teaser players get an extra half point on plays, point buyers get discounted odds for spreads, et cetera.

Casino Rebate Rewards Program: This program is for the casino lovers among us who want to recoup some losses. The 5Dimes casino will pay you out a 21% rebate on overall losses, so you stay closer to breaking even.

On the House Reward Program: This is a pretty straight-forward program and is perfect for those who deposit frequently. With this program, your 8th and 9th deposits are on the house.

Free Payout Rewards Program: This is another reward program that’s easy to figure out. This program lets you withdraw your winnings without any fees.

5Dimes Free Bet Summary

It’s easy to see why 5Dimes has become such a popular bookmaking and gaming services provider in North America. With the free bet matches and rewards programs they offer players a great way to select how they are rewarded for playing. It puts a lot of control into the players’ hands and helps you optimize your experience.

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